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World Impact Network (WIN) is an international Christian educational organization developing leaders around the world.

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World Impacting Thoughts

Becoming a Change Agent

Change agents change themselves and, in the process, ignite a spirit of change in their communities. The mark of a courageous leader is the ability to recognize the need for continuous self-development and change. Along with knowing oneself, it is important to come to grips with three truths pointed out by the philosopher Schopenhauer (1788-1860). In emphasizing the importance of knowing and developing ourselves, he stated:

  1. What we have as material goods are temporary, transient and unable to provide us with lasting comfort.
  2. What we represent in the eyes of others is as ephemeral as material possessions, since the opinions of others may change at any time; besides, we can never know what others really think of us anyway.
  3. What we are is the only thing that truly matters.

The Quality of Our Partnerships

Sammy Ngumba, a quality partner in Kenya, recently wrote:

"In the words of Gabriella Van Bread, 'The quality of our partnerships is determined by the investment we make in building relationships. Relationships are fostered through effective engagement in dialogue, a paradigm of mutuality and taking a personal interest in others; not for what we can gain from the relationship but for what we can contribute to it. Long term quality friendships can result in strategic partnerships that positively impact community endeavors.' Let us all be team players, let the focus not be about what we can gain as individuals."

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