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Informal Leadership Training

The goal of our international work is to network with local agencies and programs already working in their communities to meet the needs of the poor.  Our work is always expanding as needs come to our attention.

WIN works hard to build relationships with local leaders, investing time, effort and finances to help strengthen communities.  This is being accomplished in Papua New Guinea with the purchase of retired city ambulances that have been retrofitted into Mobile Medical Clinics.  WIN sent one of these ambulances in 2002 and another in May 2005.  The ambulances drive through the neediest settlements that are near dumps and landfills; areas that have no medical care available or where the government health clinics have failed the people.  With an occasional burst on the siren and flashing of the lights, the sick come in huge numbers.  On an average day, between 100 and 400 people receive medical attention.

In 1999, a water well drilling rig and training team was sent to the same poor area of Papua New Guinea as the medical clinic in order to address the ongoing need for clean water.  Since then over 100 wells have been drilled, and this provision of fresh water was also life saving to many in the hill tribe areas.

In 2000 a similar rig was shipped to the Philippines in order to address their need for clean water, especially in the poorer and more rural areas. In an effort to maximize results and minimize efforts, the trained team from Papua New Guinea was sent to Manila in the Philippines in order to train teams there. Soon thereafter, Montalban, the relocation site for hundreds of families who were part of the Payatas Dump site tragedy, received their first well. The first well now benefits about one hundred families, and it has helped to alleviate poverty since the locals were forced to buy rationed water before it was built. The local team has now named their well drilling program Spring of Life Ministry. In the fall of 2002, an additional rig was provided to this team, which continues to bring clean water to many throughout the Philippines.

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