In 2004 WIN completed a five-year commitment to the women of Uganda and together with a 30-member leadership team established “Club Hope Uganda”.  Resources, equipment, and ongoing training will be available to the women of Uganda through Club Hope Membership.  Each year teams traveled to the capital city of Kampala to share time and skills with the local residents. The training included various micro-enterprise skills such as jewelry making, flower arrangement, cake decorating, as well as hand and machine sewing.  The skills taught gave unemployed women the means to support themselves and their dependents, by starting their own small businesses. Over 200 women and several men, who were taught different construction skills, attended the training sessions each year.


Kenya, like Uganda, is an East African Nation with enormous potential for leadership development. What Africa's Leaders need most is vision and hope. In 2010, our efforts in Kenya focused on developing character and integrity, vision and good stewardship as well as practical and business skills, including first aid, CPR, disaster preparedness and the ability to keep a cash flow statement and understand the reasons why many small business fail.


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